Kyle Brody is just one of the this new Elders

Kyle Brody is just one of the this new Elders

1 . 5 years after, Melinda out of the blue starts utilizing the fuel off telekinetic orbing which ought to feel hopeless as Leo try mortal when she is actually created. Even if Leo feels that there surely is nothing to worry about, Piper keeps Paige orb your up to this new Heavens to interrogate the fresh new Elders. Here, Leo learns that the council could have been replaced by the another type of one to to have interfering on the natural buy regarding something so many times.

Kyle tells Leo you to definitely, since he was a great Whitelighter having so long, Whitelighter secret was instilled towards the their DNA, passage they on to Melinda, making Leo aggravated as he knows that there must be an elevated reason for Melinda that have these efforts. Kyle continues to declare that Brand new Elders put the new Whitelighter powers away from Melinda in order that she would feel twice-privileged such as for example Wyatt. New Elders altered the fresh prophecy of Twice-Blessed Son making sure that Wyatt, Chris, and Melinda do inherit the effectiveness of About three therefore the around three eldest Halliwell students might possibly be an increased push of good than the brand new Charmed Of these, later on.

Kyle next demonstrates he’s come provided consent to displace Leo’s wings as the Charmed Of those requires its Whitelighter to have brand new upcoming storm. Leo rejects Kyle’s give, informing him which he really does enough good at Wonders College. Because the a you will need to convince Leo being a good Whitelighter once more, Kyle after that suggests to your that his old opponent Rennek enjoys returned possesses teamed up with brand new adversary, Neena. Leo declines the deal again, desiring to get old along with his spouse and you can pass away just before their college students manage. Kyle says to him that promote would not be generated once more which they can never ever make use of his Whitelighter stamina once again with no complete plan, also immortality. [20]

Battle in the Heavens

Leo in the near future emerged in person that have Rennek again, when Neena delivered Piper toward a separate dimensions. Paige glamoured by herself and you may Leo into demons in order to penetrate Neena’s military just after she overtook the new Heavens. But not, Neena as being the first witch, noticed from disguise and you may got Rennek to hang Leo up up to she accomplished exactly what she been. Leo had the upper hands into the Rennek, took their crossbow, and you will got away several demons. Neena returned and chained Leo up with organizations forged in the Heavens.

Leo attempts to cause which have Neena, comprehending that she actually is maybe not it’s worst, regardless if Neena rebuffs your, trying to validate her tips to him and make your discover one to what she is actually doing is actually for more a beneficial. [21] If the competition began and Warren witches attacked Neena’s army, Leo got which chance to release himself regarding their chains, comprehending that these people were forged about sky and you can put an enthusiastic evil Darklighter arrow to negate brand new wonders.

Leo ended up being supported with the doorways of one’s Vault and his inactive Whitelighter DNA anticipate your to open brand new doorways in order to cover up. During there, Leo wanted to help out in the race and you will got hold of an ancient sword hence supplied him angelic wings. After the demons was indeed shed out, towards mutual energy of your Parents and also the Warren Witches, Leo made use of the blade to break the fresh Sphaera of Light and you will Dark, steering clear of the apocalypse. [22]

Revelations towards Blade

The brand new Parents advised Leo one to their the new show cannot be with ease put away, even when he is able to suppress the brand new wings.

A few months later, Leo discovered that the brand new sword is named the fresh new Empyreal Blade, a tool forged from the a guy known as the Bladesmith to have this new Whitelighters to utilize from inside the ancient times earlier was felt like which they might be guides and never fighters. But not, because Leo try mortal, whenever he uses the fresh new blade as well as the wings, it drains more of their life-force. The latest Bladesmith’s descendant, Glynnis, claims Leo and the sisters you to she will try everything from inside the her capability to find a way to independent Leo regarding blade.


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